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Plant-Fu Mutations
The compiled list of mutations! Mutations are only available through pre-made flat sales, auctions, or special events. More mutations may be added to the list as they occur.
Pastelpurple-orb Mimic Cowl Pastelpurple-orb 
The cowl of the plant fu mimics a real plant or flower. Some limitations apply. Cannot be a fungus/mushroom. This mutation is common and openly available to people designing their MYO, just like any listed trait would be.
Mushroom Cowl- This is a special mutation resulting in a mushroom/fungus based cowl. 
Confetti Cowl- The cowl is constantly growing and sloughing off. It can look really neat but it’s very messy.
No Cowl- The fu lacks a cowl entirely.
Crackle Aura-The fu’s aura appears like s
:iconkurokikumo:KurokiKumo 6 1
Plant Fu Info
I'm sorry it's kind of a lot at once and still a wip ;v;
If you have questions you can ask them here.
Plant Fu are an intelligent, sentient race of beings with connection to both humanity and the physical/natural world.
- All plant fu are "sterile"; they can't reproduce biologically with their own kind or with other species (such as humans). 
-In their humanoid form fu always have two eyes, no matter how many they have in beast form (some exceptions may be from mutations). When angered or feeling very strong emotion, their third eye will manifest (or all other eyes). Some hidden traits, like cowls, will also appear.
- The world the Plant Fu live in is shared by humans.  A mysterious energy flows throughout it and it is this same energy that brings the Plant Fu into existence. It continually renews itself and there is never any more or less of it no matter how much is used. Fu are very close to this energy and their strong connection to it allows them to con
:iconkurokikumo:KurokiKumo 13 17
1/3 ota - open :iconvarenich:Varenich 36 12 He glows :iconeattrash:EatTrash 15 5 - :iconeattrash:EatTrash 49 24 Lava dood - CLOSED :iconeattrash:EatTrash 35 15 Another bab :iconeattrash:EatTrash 19 6 He shines :iconeattrash:EatTrash 31 8 blue friend :iconeattrash:EatTrash 16 9 Gorira-Kujira - Kaiju Fusions Description Below :iconroflo-felorez:RoFlo-Felorez 252 121 So You Two Dig Up Dinosaurs? :iconmarxis:Marxis 223 6 raptors!!11!1 :iconvarenich:Varenich 41 4 my son :iconeattrash:EatTrash 17 2 gold :iconeattrash:EatTrash 24 3 Radiated :iconeattrash:EatTrash 19 3 tail whacking :iconvarenich:Varenich 23 3


:iconmogiland: :icongoopy-pones: :iconthefugarden: :iconthe-couvertry:


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United States
An aspiring artist with a tendency to procrastinate. That's all really.


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Rufinator Featured By Owner Edited Jan 27, 2017
Zae Zae! :hug::icondragonhi:
Zaejin Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Rufi!!! :happybounce:  Long time no see eh??  
Rufinator Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017
:hug: Hope you've been doing well! ;u;
Can't wait to see art from you! You need to upload stuff! :la:
Zaejin Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Have yet to get a tablet, but when I do, hopefully I won't wuss out of uploading